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I just wanted to sincerely say thank you for a great camp. I really learned a tremendous amount during weekend and every official was outstanding to work with. I really got to see first hand what it means to take officiating to the next level.

All of the instruction was outstanding, and it really opened me up to a whole different way of seeing plays and 3-man mechanics. The observers were fantastic as well, and I was amazed at the small details they were able to notice and help with. They really gave a lot of great tips and advice.

I learned a great deal and really walked away feeling improved and more confident in 3-man and officiating the game in general. I’m looking forward to using what I learned for the rest of the summer, this coming season and into the future. I am planning on returning to the camp again next summer.

Thanks again!



Thank you for the opportunity to improve my game. This is a great environment to learn.
D3 is the most organized camp I have attended - from the website, to the aknowledgement of payment received, to the game schedule, and to the availabilty of observers at every court. I am a better official after participating. It would be a pleasure to work for you.

Sincerely, Erick
Just wanted to take the opportunity to say "Thank You" for a great camp experience last weekend. I learned much more about officiating basketball that I will apply this season. No matter what level you are at there is always more to learn. The lectures that Nolan, Wayne and Gregg gave are invaluable. I will try to apply as much of that information as I can if not all of it. I would of never thought that so many "Big Timers" would be at a D-3 Camp. Now I realize what giving back means. I know they didn't need to be there and yet they still came to help out. The enviroment of your camp is the best I've ever attended.

Once again thank you.


" The camp was exceptional! The quality of instructional classes, games, and facilities was number one. I truly appreciate all the constructive advice you provided me during the camp. Furthermore, the camp enabled me not only to sharpen my officiating mechanics but more importantly my leadership presence on the floor. I believe your camp not only improves officials but also improves the game of basketball. "



"D-III Super Camp provided me with all of the tools I needed to become a better official. Not only did I receive constant feedback and instruction from officials working at every level of the game, but all of it took place in an atmosphere that was intense, but at the same time constructive and geared toward personal improvement."



A great learning atmosphere with high quality instruction.  I gained a season or two worth of experience in only a few days.



" The people and climate set this camp apart. Quality people who care about officiating and share it with others in a positive manner. They give you an opportunity to learn and grow as an official and person. Also, it's fun too!"



The facilities at the University Of Richmond are great. The caliber of the officials and staff that is assembled to evaluate and critique campers is top rate. I do not think you could put more basketball officiating into 3 days. Great camp!!
David F.